Cincinnati Transit Authority is an eight piece band paying tribute to the great horn driven sound of Chicago Transit Authority. Originating in Cincinnati Ohio, the band consists of some of the area's best Rock, Jazz and Blues musicians. The group performs spot on renditions of iconic Chicago tunes, concentrating on the Terry Kath era. Expect to hear all the great hits including Does Anybody Really Know What Time It is, Make Me Smile, Beginnings, Question 67 & 68, Saturday In The Park, 25 or 6 to 4, Introduction, Wake up Sunshine and many more.


Radio and Print Interview with John Kiesewetter

Accept my deep thanks for a great show tonight and extend same to your out standing band. Not only was it well done, you all were well behaved. Cool band man, Rock on and spread the word. ”

Chuck Miller - Sorg Opera House

Link to CTA  bass player  Adam Scovanners interview with  GOLDMINE MAGAZINE  columnist Warren Kurtz. About Chicago and The Cincinnati Transit Authority.